Nights and Weekends

I took some time over my winter holiday to write a couple songs and record a few quick demos of them.  This is the first thing that I came up with.  It is admittedly very specific to my own situation, but maybe somebody else will hear something familiar in these experiences.

I was only afforded one day to work on this demo, so it is very sparse.  Still, the song is in there, and I felt that it was better to do something, if even something small, rather than nothing at all.

Nights And Weekends

Lately I've been losing sleep
Counting the dollars that I need.
Since I was born the world told me
A man is made to suffer.

And so I gave up on what I love,
Sold my guitars and got a job,
Some nights and weekends I still sing, but
My voice feels like another's.

Still I know
We can't have it all,
But if I could, I'd have my songs,
And I wouldn't have to beg for crumbs.
I'd claim no shame for being an artisan.

Still I know
We all take the fall,
And if you haven't yet, someday you will.
The things you loved will grow to feel
Petty and small.

And the endless groove of time
Keeps moving on
But you won't.

Lately I've been worse than dead.
I swear, once I was talented,
But now I do as my master bids--
I'm a slave, but I don't like it.

And maybe art is common sense.
Yeah, maybe love is just pretend.
Oh, maybe engineering wins...
If death is what you're after.

Still I know
We can't have it all.
There's a choice to make
So make it well.
You can give your days to something real
Or something false.

Still I know
We all take the fall.
Whether it's out of fear
Or a lack thereof,
We each will veer from the life we loved
Towards our wants.

And the endless groove of time
Keeps moving on
But you won't.

So give your life
To that which takes you home.
And spend your time
With those who make you feel whole.

Don't think of what
Other path you gave up
Because only love
Can grow.

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  1. Amazing. Thanks for the tune, Ronnie. I gave up music a while back to pursue family and software engineering so this song really hits home.

  2. Just wanna say that I was looking back at some of the old music I had and jump somehow chanced upon one of your old songs, so I decided to give it a search and see what’s up. I hope you never give up on your music! It’s never too late.

  3. Have always loved your music and wish there was more of it. Your still amazing! Just thought I’d let you know. :)

  4. You know how I feel about this one. It’s sad but so beautiful. I love you and I love it. You’re a magnificent musician and I hope you know it baby.

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